Seattle Belarusians is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that represents a lively community united by shared love and respect for Belarusian traditions and values. Our goal is to provide a welcoming platform where Belarusians in the Greater Seattle Area and beyond can come together to honor and celebrate our unique cultural identity. We achieve this through organization of local events and support of global Belarusian initiatives directed to preservation of Belarusian culture, traditions, history, language and heritage.

Our Team

Our board members and volunteers are Belarusian expats who live and work in Greater Seattle Area and are passionate advocates of unique Belarusian culture.

Our Mission

Seattle Belarusians are committed to creating a “home away from home” and a local center of gravity for all Belarusians in the Greater Seattle Area and Washington State. Through organization and support of community events, we aim to preserve Belarusian heritage, culture, history, traditions, and language. We aim to create a supportive and welcoming environment that resonates with the cultural essence of Belarus.


Bylaws will soon be available.